Public Sector Roundtables

These intimate meetings give P3 2018 delegates a chance to talk face-to-face with public sector officials and ask questions about the project pipeline in various regions around the world. Each roundtable will have a public sector representative, a moderator and 10 private sector delegates. After 20 minutes, delegates will switch to another table, enabling them to meet with six public sector hosts over two hours.

Separate registration required for Session A and B, each with six roundtables.


Session A: Osgoode Room

Gary S. Porter
Executive Director, Corporate Initiatives, Nova Scotia Department of Transportation and Infrastructure Renewal


Divya Shah
Senior Director, Investments, Canada Infrastructure Bank


Morteza Farajian
Acting Deputy Secretary of Transportation, Director of P3 Office, State of Virginia


John McKendrick
Executive Vice-President of Project Delivery, Infrastructure Ontario (Social)


Bin Han
Deputy Director General, Public Private Partnerships Center, Ministry of Finance, China


Karla Avis-Birch
Vice President, New Stations & Off Corridor Capital Projects, Metrolinx



Session B: Sheraton Hall C

Michael Cheong
Chief Financial Officer, York Region Rapid Transit


Mark Liedemann
Vice President, Projects, Partnerships BC


Mauricio Márquez
Head, Hospital Infrastructure Program, Concessions Department, Ministry of Public Works, Government of Chile


Yousef Salama
Manager, Innovation, Los Angeles Transportation Authority


Chris Gauer
President, Major Projects, Infrastructure Ontario (Civil)


Mark Moseley
Chief Operating Officer, Global Infrastructure Hub